4" HSS Full Circle Supercut Fitting Saw Blade

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4" HSS Full Circle Supercut Fitting Saw Blade

The SC450 high-speed steel flat stock saw blade is extra rigid for heavy duty cutting. This robust blade is recommended for regular use in your heavy duty Supercut multi-tool. These circular blades are very good for those longer cutting spans in wood, plastics and laminates.

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Best for cutting Wood, Plastics, Drywall (Sheetrock), Fiberglass, Laminates, thin metals, nails
Blade Width 4.0" Diameter X 0.040 inch thick
Material High Speed Steel (HSS)
TPI (Teeth Per Inch) 12
Plunge Depth 1-1/2 inch

Contractors: Choose these industrial USA Manufactured Imperial Blade Products for continuous use cutting. 

Turn your multi-tool into a mini-circular style cutter. This is a high-speed steel full circular steel Flat stock saw blade. Measuring .040" in material thickness, this blade is robustly rigid enough to cut through harder wood and laminates as well as carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Great for making precise cuts in nail embedded wood or plaster. Also well suited for cutting drywall, plastics, copper, tin and aluminum. The circular design makes it easier to achieve those longer span cuts because a circular blade allows for greater control and stability as you follow your cut line.

These blades or attachements are compatible with the following machines:

  • Festool Vecturo
  • Supercut by Fein
  • 'Equalizer' air tools

See product description for compatibility details.