Rockwell Sonicrafter 32 Piece Basic Project Sanding Kit

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Rockwell Sonicrafter 32 Piece Basic Project Sanding Kit

This Kit is a popular selection of the essential components needed for most multi-tool sanding projects. Attach the included Hook & Loop (black Velcro) Sanding Pad to your machine, then you're ready to attach the sanding sheets right onto the pad. These sanding sheets are easy to apply, position or remove from your sanding pad.



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Our Small Project Sanding Kit includes the following blades & accessories:

Triangular Sanding Pad

2 Pieces: Triangular Sanding Pad (R019)

Best for cutting: Jobs requiring hook & loop (velcro) sandpaper

Unique design of this triangular pad lets you do multi-tool sanding with this standard size attachment pad.

60 Grit Sanding Paper - 5 Pack

15 Pieces: 60 Grit Sanding Pack (M025SP60)

Best for cutting: Surface finishing work

Our pre-cut hook and loop (Velcro) sanding sheets are specifically designed for multifunction power tools with a sanding pad attachment.

120 Grit Sanding Paper - 5 Pack

10 Pieces: 120 Grit Sanding Pack (M025SP120)

Best for cutting: Surface finishing work

These quick attach sandpaper sheets have a hook-and-loop backing for easy positioning and removal from a standard oscillating sanding pad.

180 Grit Sanding Paper - 5 Pack

5 Pieces: 180 Grit Sanding Pack (M025SP180)

ATTENTION: Extend the life of your sanding pad & sheets by minimizing velcro damaging heat build-up as you sand. Set your machine speed to low and keep moving your sander around quickly.  Avoid pressing into the pad tips by keeping your pad flat to the surface as you work.  When sanding please stop every 45 seconds to check for sandpaper wear and heat build-up.  If you don't keep checking you will sand all the way through the paper or melt into the backing pad.  

The sanding pad is ONLY compatible with the Original Style Rockwell SoniCrafter and the Original Worx SoniCrafter.

This blade by design is also fully compatible with the Shop Series RCS5100K Sonic Tool, Ridgid JobMax, Ryobi JobPlus, Challenge Xtreme, Draper, Parkside PMFW 280 A1, Smart SMT250, Task Force and the AEG oscillating multi-tools.

These blades or attachements are compatible with the following machines:

  • AEG Multitools
  • Challenge Xtreme
  • Draper
  • Parkside PMFW 280 A1
  • Ridgid Jobmax
  • Rockwell Sonicrafter Original
  • Ryobi JobPlus
  • Shop Series RC5100K
  • Smart Multitool
  • Task Force
  • Worx Sonicrafter Original
  • Worx Shop Series WX674L