Fein Multimaster Blades and Accessories

Fein Multimaster Compatible Blades
Our full-selection of blades and accessories are guaranteed to fit all Fein MultiMaster multifunction tools models including:

  • Fein FMM 250
  • Fein FMM 250Q
  • Fein FMM 350Q
  • Fein MSX 315 Velcro MultiMaster Cordless
  • Fein MSXE-636
  • Fein MSX-636

Our complete selection of blades & accessories are compatible with the entire family of Fein oscillating multi-tool machines so feel free to also browse our website, everything is guaranteed to fit.

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Our complete selection of Fein Multimaster Blades, sandpaper & accessories finally restores freedom of choice to each and every Fein Multimaster tool operator who previously had to break the bank to pay for their blades & accessories.

Multimaster users, take your machines back out of the box and start enjoying the full benefits of your Fein family of powerful oscillating tools without worries over accessory costs.

Fein multi-tool customers told us they chose the Multimaster family of oscillating machines including the Fein FMM 250, Fein FMM 250Q and the Fein MSX 315 Cordless for the following reasons:

  • High Precision operation.
  • Amazing power.
  • Variable speed control from 11,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute.
  • Dust extraction capability.
  • Lock down quick blade change-over capability.
  • The most robust carrying case for a multi-tool on the market.
  • Lower hand vibration levels than the competition.
  • Run cool, run-all-day capability.
  • Multimasters do not back away from any oscillating tool job.

MultiFitBlades.com is proud to be your industry leader for Fein Multimaster blades and accessories that can tackle any oscillating multi-tool application.