Einhell Multifunction Tool

Einhell Multifunctional Tool Blades & Accessories

Our 'Multi-Fit Standard' arbor blades and accessories are guaranteed to fit your Einhell Multifunction oscillating tools models:

  • BT-MG 180 Fixed Speed Multifunction Tool
  • RT-MG 200 E Multimaxx Variable speed Multifunction Tool
  • RT-MG 10,8 Li Cordless Multimaxx Multifunction Tool
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To all wordwide Einhell Multifunction Tool users your search for an improved supply of blades, sandpaper & other accessories for your Einhell Oscillating Multi-Tools is over.  Multi-Fit Blades is here with a huge selection of low cost cutters for every job your Einhell Multi-Function can handle.

Now you can utilize the operating benefits of your corded Einhell Multifunction Tool BT-MG 180, Einhell Multimaxx RT-MG 200 E Multifunction Tool and your Cordless Multimaxx RT-MG 10,8 Li Multifunction Tool, knowing that you now have a friendly overseas supply of guaranteed fitting low cost blades and cutters.

Our customers told us they chose the Einhell as their multifunction tool of choice for the following reasons:

-Value priced machine that includes case and accessories as compared to the competition.

-Einhell Tools are proving to be a real handyman workhorse of a multi-tool.

-Solid performances can be expected from the entire line-up of Einhell Oscillating Multifunction Power Tools.

-Customer brand name loyalty and satisfaction status is enjoyed across the entire line-up of Einhell consumer power tools.

MultiFitBlades.com is proud to be your single source supplier of blades and accessories that are guaranteed to fit your Einhell Multifunction Power Tools as you to tackle every cutting job around your home.